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Keeping Gisborne and the east coast clean since 1990

Is your property craving a fresh start? Welcome to Willson Water Blasting, your high-pressure cleaning specialists in Gisborne. We excel in eradicating dirt, grime, and mildew from residential, commercial, and public spaces with our fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly water blasting technique. Owner Scott started the business in October 1990, and was a plumber/roofer before that.

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Wave Goodbye to Grime: Willson Water Blasting Restores Gisborne's Homes to Their Prime!

Experience the Willson Water Blasting Difference in Gisborne

Whether it's your roof, driveway, pavements, grease traps, or company signage, we bring the vibrancy back without the need for toxic chemicals. Let us help you transform your property while respecting our planet.

Is your property on the market? With just one call, our team can add years to your property's life and appeal. Witness us wiping years of moss, mildew, and tire marks off your property in no time. For businesses looking to brighten their frontage and outdoor areas, our high-pressure cleaning service provides a professional sheen that is sure to leave an impression.

We care for our environment as much as we care for your property. Our eco-conscious approach includes sourcing water from rainwater tanks and minimising greenhouse gas emissions. Partner with us for a deep, impressive clean that respects the environment and protects your surfaces.

Highly Recommended Water Blasters In Gisborne, Willson Water Blasting

Our Services

High-pressure water cleaning works wonders for a wide range of hard surfaces and applications, including driveways, roofs, timber decking, concrete, brickwork, and more. Need to prep a surface before painting or treating? Or maybe it's time for graffiti removal? Just give us a call. We will guide you through the best possible options for your needs.

We combat moss, algae, and lichen on your roofs, ensure that downpipes and gutters are thoroughly cleaned, and clean your bins. Our high-pressure cleaning also restores the beauty of your conservatories, using pet-safe and plant-safe cleaning agents.

Dull signage, window frames, or exterior areas? We can restore your business’s charm with high-pressure water jet cleaning. We also offer graffiti removal services using non-toxic cleaning agents wherever possible.

For industrial clients, we provide cleaning services for factory floors, drains, and grease traps, ensuring a cleaner and safer work environment.

Gisborne’s Trusted Power Cleaning Experts

High-pressure water cleaning is efficient, quiet, and environmentally friendly. It eliminates hazardous cleaning waste and reduces the need for chemicals. This means a healthier work environment in commercial and industrial settings and tangible savings as you'll no longer need conventional cleaning materials.

We cater to a diverse range of clients and applications in Gisborne. From home facades to public spaces, our high-pressure cleaning services can restore and protect nearly any external surface with minimal disruption. Trust us for friendly, reliable expertise and incredible results.

If you're in Gisborne and in need of residential, commercial, or industrial water blasting cleaning services, just give us a call at 027 478 7353, send an email, or use the contact form on this page. Enjoy the transformative power of safe and speedy high-pressure cleaning with Willson Water Blasting. Welcome to a healthier, cleaner-looking environment.

Highly Recommended Water Blasters In Gisborne, Willson Water Blasting